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Ravenstone Counselling

Find Peace of Mind

Is your life not working out the way

 you thought?

As children, in a world where the best parenting was considered to be  about behaviour control, our feelings were met with disapproval, anger and rejection. For our own survival we learned to hide and repress our feelings, which then distort into resentment, anger and depression. This leads to physical illness, addictions, or at the very least, self-sabotaging patterns.  When we face a situation that feels similar now, we still feel disempowered, our defense mechanisms kick in (defend, deny, blame, etc) and we overreact. Our brain tells us we are in the same situation we were as a child, when we were at the mercy of our caregivers and life feels threatened. Our unconscious defense mechanisms aren't the best judge of how to handle any situation. 

Your job now is to establish a new relationship to this reaction-in other words, you are learning to re-parent yourself.  You are now the one in charge of how you feel, how you react and what you need to do now. Once you feel empowered again, everything in your world starts to change. We navigate our lives from a sense of peace, joy and fulfillment. 

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